More About Me

I am modest, peaceful and relatively reserved. I am calm, composed, and careful, perhaps even somewhat formal in my presentation but informal and carefree with the right people. Though I enjoy a good conversation, I am a fairly quiet person, or at least not a chatterbox. Since I can be quite sensitive, I exercise caution when it comes to sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings. In large groups, I am generally quiet, allowing others to do most of the talking and usually choose to remain in the background until I see a real need to take over the lead.

I tend to avoid any kind of conflict and do my best to preserve interpersonal harmony. I make it a point to invest in my family and closest friends. My friends and family are my highest priority and I often put their needs before my own. I am very loyal, committed, and willing to help those I care about. I also need plenty of time alone to recharge and pursue my own interests.

When others see what 'is' and wonder 'why', I see what 'might be' and wonder 'why not?!'. I am creative, idealistic, and individualistic, often unconventional. I am not afraid to question the status quo and enjoy entertaining a variety of perspectives on a given topic. Others generally see me as casual, easygoing, and adaptable. I often have high expectations for myself and others, believing that things should be done right the first time.

I love learning and exchanging ideas on a wide variety of topics. I am an independent learner and enjoy formulating my own perspectives. Others may see me as pensive, bookish, or philosophical. I generally shy away from routine work, preferring to use my mind to navigate complex or abstract problems. I enjoy working autonomously on my own projects, preferably without distraction or interruption.

I have difficulty working in structured environments if they are discouraging, preferring to work according to my own terms and in my own personalized fashion. I require a great deal of freedom and personal control over my life and work.

Others see me as analytical, decisive, firm, and logical. I am a self-starter, efficient, and organized, carefully and systematically completing whatever needs to be done. I am responsible and punctual, wanting to be viewed as a competent and capable person.

I don’t concern myself too much with emotions, preferring to function according to the facts and objective realities of a given situation. If someone else approaches me with their emotional problems, I tend to be a good listener and try my best to give them a practical solution. I give other people the level of intimacy that they need in emotional situations. I am good at solving problems, especially those amenable to logic and systematic analysis. 

I often feel I am missing something, that I have a perspective or viewpoint that isn't widely shared and that I am decades ahead of my time, maybe more. It's like being caught in a time warp.

I tend to be someone who looks at all the what-ifs, thinking way ahead with a vision of things and anticipating. I'm always interested in extending myself into areas I don't do well in. I'm a good problem solver from that perspective. I like to go through anything I can think of before I act-the implications, what others have tried before and their effect, my options and their consequences, who to mobilize and in what time frame. I like coming up with new ideas about how to approach a situation until I find a solution that feels right. And I like to think that solution will be something that works for everyone. I experience problems as challenges, not as things that can't be dealt with or accomplished. Challenges can always be dealt with.
While I can be logical and skeptical in my thinking, I don’t come across as overly pretentious, uptight, or nitpicky. I am a rational and conceptual. I love tackling complex intellectual problems and enjoying thinking and theorizing about the world. I am efficient and logical in my approach to life, analyzing nearly everything, sometimes to a fault. Others have told me that I think too much and should learn to accept and enjoy life as it is. Though I hate to admit it, at times, they are probably right.