Interests & Hobbies


I enjoy photography and I have been posting my work before on my photography page on Facebook. I will be posting more pictures on Google+ and on 500px soon. Photography is a great way to spend a day alone or with a fellow photographer or even after a heavy days work. All the beauty out there in the world that awaits to be captured by photographers is overwhelming.


While I may have started books that were children's fiction, I have explored books of different genres and continue to discover the wonderful world of fiction, slide down the rabbit holes of philosophy and emerge as a winged thinker analyzing the real world with some non-fiction. You can add me on Goodreads and find out if we read the same books.


2017's resolution is to stay fit and so I started doing the Insanity workouts by Shaun T this year. Last year there was a group at school and we used to do insanity together! Hope to start something like that again this year.


I used to enjoy riding my Hero Ranger DTB 18x bicycle and reduce my carbon footprint. But the curved and sloped roads and missing bike lanes in Atlanta have discouraged me from cycling until recently. I just bought this new bike so let's see how much of ATL I will be able to explore.


I learnt French (beginner level) before I joined medical school. I learnt Spanish (beginner level) 2 years back. I'm trying to refresh those school thanks to my roomie!


Enough has already been said about the beauty of music and how it touches our soul. I listen to all sorts of genres ranging from jazz to hip-hop; from western classical to Indian fusion; electronic dance music to chillout. I also learnt to play basic 'tabla' when I was in school.

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

I have come across various references to yoga, meditation, mindfulness and philosophy. I just finished reading 'Wherever You Are There You Go' by Jon-Kabat Zinn and 'Siddharta' by Hermann Hesse. I am keen on discovering more about meditation practices and inculcate them into my day-to-day schedule.


I like experimenting with my electronic gadgets. I often end up troubleshooting for friends and family who have tech problems. I often help out at a local school where primary school children are taught basic computer skills. My interest in technology and medicine inspires me to purse research in advanced technologies in medicine and I hope to do so one day.


While I don't blog much, I have just begun writing a few posts for my Blog and hope to keep writing more.